Trying sport at a young age is something that we are passionate about, and something our Director passionately promoted after he completed his undergraduate degree in sports sociology. It was an honour this year to be invited by Specsavers & the Sports Commission to provide the official video coverage of the Youth Games 2021. The idea of the games was to offer school children the chance to try a sport they hadn’t tried before, train in that sport for a few weeks before representing their district in a day of competition before joining together with all the other children in a mass closing ceremony.

This year was more challenging than in 2019, when we last filmed the biennial try-a-sport initiative, as they had more sports on offer than ever. 20 sports were on offer this year to school children in Years 5 & 6, however the island’s second lockdown nearly put paid to all the hardwork and planning that had gone into this competition, that was in its 10th year. Luckily the ‘Guernsey Together’ spirit paid off and all the training took place as normal, as well as the main competition day.

We knew filming 20 sports on game day was a physical impossibility, so we pre-filmed four of the sports in the week leading up to the day. These sports included cycling, lacrosse, pétanque and sailing. On game day we enjoyed visiting the various sporting venues situated around the island. Working alongside the Commission, we knew we had roughly 10 minutes at each sport so, once we arrived, it was deploy the tripod and shoot the action before our time ran out. 

We had a good 300+ clips to work with in post, alongside a plethora of interviews with various subjects. These included Dame Mary Perkins of Specsavers, a representative from the Sports Commission, local district representatives as well as a selection of young people who took part. We hope you enjoy our short edit, it will serve as a great reminder of the fun the children had this year, and in two years’ time it will be showcased at each school when the next children in Years 5 & 6 are offered the opportunity to try a new sport.


  • Sony FS5 & GM24-70mm Lens
  • Sony Z90
  • Satchtler Flowtech Tripod + Manfrotto 504HD Head
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Sennheiser AVX microphone kit
  • Go Pro Hero 7
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands