The Guernsey Education Department have been undertaking the Guernsey Young People’s survey since the early 1990s and it has been the key evidence base for the collation of the views, attitudes and health behaviours of our young people in Guernsey. Whilst it has changed slightly over the years the primary focus remains the same, to obtain the views of the young people living in the Bailiwick.

Whilst the Education Department focused on the collection of all the views and survey results I had the task of displaying the results in a video form. This began as a voice over and interview conducted in early November in Cambridge park with one of the graduates helping to drive the survey. It was followed by a quick edit and the insertion of a number of visuals to back up the key headline results of the survey they conducted and publishing of the video in under a week.

A mix of ken-burns effects, PNG speech bubbles, distorted percentages and visual quotes helped to summarise the headline findings. Whilst the media were given a preview of the headline findings and the video itself the public are now able to access the video and obtain the results. Further information about the Guernsey Young People’s survey can be obtained here.


  • Sony FDR-AX53
  • Sennheiser AVX Wireless Lav & Receiver
  • Manfrotto 546GBK Tripod & 504HD Head
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, England