The Isle of Man air bridge has benefited many of our Island sports teams. You may recall we supported the Guernsey Walking Football Club with the coverage of their games a few weeks ago, but last weekend they played against the Isle of Man Walking Football team, however it was in their sister isle. Whilst we would have loved to have joined them for the long weekend, we had prior commitments as we were asked to film and livestream what could be the last game for Guernsey FC to be played this year.

The Skipton Cup took place at Footes Lane on Saturday 12th September and was the first in a list of fixtures that Skipton International are sponsoring. We hear they are keen to drum up business in the IOM so what better way to introduce yourself as a company than by sponsoring the annual football clash.

Whilst bringing along the same gear to cover the full 90 minutes, both from an elevated wide angle, it was supplemented with pitch side coverage and on screen graphics to those watching online. However, this game was different, in that the Club wanted to make it publicly available given the high number of supporters who followed the home leg played a few weeks ago. The stream that we delivered turned out to be the most popular ever stream delivered on behalf of the Club, with 500+ tuning in at some point to watch some of the game. Those supporters watching the game at home, within the grounds of Footes Lane, were able to benefit from live action replays being played on the big screen.

It was a marvellous occasion attracting over 1000 fans, but unfortunately it may well be the last competitive fixture against a side not resident in Guernsey, as the Club have recently announced their withdrawal from the league due to ongoing travel restrictions. The highlights of the game, and all penalties can be viewed in our video package we produced for the Club below.


  • Sony PXW-Z100
  • Sony PXW-Z90
  • Sachtler Flowtech Tripod & Manfrotto 504HD Head
  • Rode NTG4+, Coles Lip Mic & Rodelink Kit
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands