Six international walking football matches at Footes Lane required livestreaming across the world as it is a sport currently taking the world by storm. It happened to be the same weekend as the first PRIDE pan-island livestream which we were hosting, however we were offered the opportunity to once again support the Guernsey Walking Football Club and so quickly accepted and began planning our largest live-streaming setup to date. Did we mention that we were required to cover two games taking place concurrently? Two duplicate live-streaming setups at Footes Lane were necessary if we were to cover all the action, but we had all the necessary equipment to ensure this was possible.

We drew upon our extensive community contacts to secure commentary and an additional camera operator was deployed to ensure both pitches were covered. A bespoke content delivery network was sourced and fine tuned to support the Club’s bespoke broadcasting requirements on the day. Intro graphics, inclusion of sponsor logos and an on screen scoreboard for all games were made available and all inclusive of the live-streaming service we offer here in Guernsey. To top it off we ensured the necessary hardware was in place for all players to watch back all games in their entirety at the post match dinner at KGV.

The afternoon of matches were successfully livestreamed across the world, which included viewers from Italy who corresponded with the UK team whilst they were in Guernsey highlighting how the livestream we produced was the greatest livestreamed walking football matches they had watched to date. We coupled with the Club for the whole weekend, and on the Saturday we profiled the workshops they had organised, which were aimed at local coaches and aspiring referees. We posted live images of the workshops that were taking place on their social media pages to help bolster the already growing sport here in Guernsey. You can view the workshop profile video below and if you have time to spare you can watch the livestreamed matches on their website.

It goes without saying that we have the livestreaming hardware and experience to ensure your event can be successfully broadcast online. Have an idea for an event livestream? Get in touch.


  • Sony FS5 & GM24-70mm & GM16-35mm lens
  • Sony A7iii & GM100-400mm lens
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands