We were recruited to provide two livestreams of the two Education proposals centred upon deciding the future structure of Post-16 Education that took place earlier this year. These meetings invited members of the community to hear the two proposals that were being put forward, offering them a public forum to ask any questions they might of had.

Whilst public meetings are great, the venues in which they are held do offer a few challenges. These two particular events didn’t propose any challenges that we couldn’t overcome, however there was one limitation that nobody could overcome, with that being the size of the two venues they were held in. This ultimately dictates the number of people that were able to attend the events and ultimately ask questions of the panel. Livestreaming your event is one way around this – and is a service that we are able to provide here in the Bailiwick.

Using the two years worth of experience our Director has at delivering livestreams of all sort of events and sporting fixtures, we were able to successfully broadcast their event to a wider audience. We streamed both events onto the official States of Guernsey Facebook page. The viewers were then able to watch the public meetings LIVE as they happened and engage with the conversation that was taking place within the comments section of the video.

We took these number at the time of writing (7th Feb) and we think they really speak for themselves.

First Livestream:

Peak live viewers: 298
Minutes viewed: 31,271
Video views: 10,525
10 second views: 4,677

Second Livestream:

Peak live viewers: 291
Minutes viewed: 24,102
Video views: 5,861
10 second views: 2,983

If you have an event, which you would like to reach an audience beyond those present at the event, we are here to help. Drop us an email – oliver@onscreencreations.com and start the conversation today.


  • Sony FS5 & SELP18200 Zoom Lens
  • Wirecast Broadcasting Platform
  • Manfrotto N8 Video Head
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Sennheiser AVX Lav & Mic kit
  • Blackmagic Thunderbolt Encoder


  • Guernsey, England