We were invited to film what could be the only Pride event to take place in the British Isles last weekend. The organisers commissioned us to produce an official film this year to provide a flavour of the event for people all over the world who were guaranteed to be watching, given the lack of social distancing required and very small number of COVID-19 cases Guernsey has experienced in the last 150 days.

We joined the crowds at Candie Gardens, which were estimated to be in the thousands, come to the end of the celebrations. From bubble blowing, Zumba and Samba Band there was something for everyone which was reflected in the eclectic mix of people who we were able to capture on film. We joined them parade through town down Candie Gardens via Smith Street and the High Street before mixing in Market Square for what has to be the largest social gathering in the British Isles for some time.

An upbeat soundtrack, aerial shots from a local drone pilot, lots of smiles and a plethora of colour made our job to edit the final video very easy. We climbed hundreds of stairs to get to the top of Town Church to obtain the shots you see in the video; let us know if you think it was worth it! Our video can be viewed below.


  • Sony A7iii & GM 24-70mm Lens
  • Rode Video Mic Pro +
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey,┬áChannel Islands