Liberation Day 2021 here in Guernsey was celebrated both virtually and in person and we were honoured to be invited for the second year running to provide the official video content. This digital video content was a mixture of pre-recorded material filmed ahead of the day, the livestreaming of three events taking place on the day and the recording an event, post producing the video for launch on the evening of our annual celebration.

Weeks of planning went into the events that we filmed and were broadcast to ensure as wide an audience could watch them as possible. A recording of a message by the Bailiff was the first video that was broadcast on the day, which we had pre-recorded a few days earlier. The video was available to view on both Facebook and the official Liberation Day website from 9am. The church service was the first event of the day to be livestreamed and was available to view on the same two Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). We deployed a ‘down stream keyer’ so viewers were able to follow the order of service on screen and actively monitored the performance of the broadcast on both networks on behalf of the client.

Once the ceremony finished we hot footed it over to the Guernsey Information Centre where a new Liberation Monument was unveiled. We joined the media and members of the public eager to witness the unveiling of the statue, which had been under cover for over a year since it was originally constructed to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation. The ceremony was conducted under the guidance of Sir Richard Collas, who was instrumental in ensuring this project came to fruition. We edited the video later in the day, adding the event coverage we filmed to a pre-recorded interview with the sculptor, then ensuring it was available to view online at 8pm prior to the fireworks display.

After the monument unveiling we hopped over to the opposite side of the island to capture the Islandwide Cavalcade. We managed to secure use of a balcony on the West Coast which was perfectly placed to see the 100+ vehicle cavalcade close up. We deployed a two camera setup to capture the action; one fixed telephoto lens complemented by a road-side camera, wirelessly connected to our portable broadcast studio, ensured all the action was caught on camera and broadcast to the audience online.

The Fireworks Display was the last event of the day.  Again, we used our extensive contact network to secure use of a facility in prime position to capture the fireworks. A waterproof two camera system was deployed at the location with production of the livestream taking place in a vehicle, offering security from the light rain showers which arrived ahead of the display. Close to 1,000 people tuned in to watch the display live across both networks with comments coming in from far afield .

It was a privilege to be invited to provide official digital coverage for the second year running. Three livestreams were successfully broadcast to two CDNs concurrently, and all from remote locations with positive comments being received from around the world, and all within a single day.