Since the first COVID lockdown, where many of the formal events were recreated digitally, we have been involved in the broadcast of Liberation Day events, and in 2023 this was no different. The traditional church service, island wide community cavalcade, alongside the evening fireworks display were the events chosen to be livestreamed online this year.

We partnered with another AV supplier in the Town Church the morning of Liberation Day to provide comprehensive coverage of the whole service. Whilst they manned the cameras and microphones in the church, we took charge of the graphics featuring over the broadcast as well as the production of the livestream, ensuring it reached its targeted destination online.

For the community cavalcade we drew upon our extensive network of contacts to ensure the cavalcade benefited from audio commentary, live aerial images, as well as a remote professionally produced show from the roadside out at Bordeaux. At the request of the organisers we also simulcast this broadcast to Facebook where a wider audience could enjoy the coverage.

For the fireworks display in the evening we revisited a venue we picked for the last few years which provides us with a perfect vantage point from which to capture the display being set off from castle emplacement with our cameras. Learning from the unpredictable weather conditions experienced earlier in the day we ensured our portable broadcast studio and camera & audio equipment were sufficiently protected from any adverse weather conditions, and it was worthwhile as the heavens opened shortly before the display.

We were pleased to see so many positive comments feature on the livestreams from viewers who watched from countries all over the world including New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United States, whilst over 2,730 viewers have accessed the content on the website within 24 hours of them being broadcast. Comprehensive planning, trusted equipment and professional execution on the day ensured the coverage of official activities organised by the island’s government for our national day was enjoyed, not only by islanders living in the Bailiwick but also by those living further afield.