An early start today, Wednesday 28th September, was the order of business on behalf of the Guernsey Disability Alliance, who, only yesterday were celebrating their 15th birthday campaigning for Equality of Opportunity for persons with disabilities and carers. They commissioned us to cover their peaceful demonstration outside the steps of the States ahead of the September meeting. A single camera and triple lens combo was deployed alongside a portable monopod to ensure we stayed mobile for their demonstration. Working alongside other freelance photographers and mainstream media we diligently and sensitively captured the demonstration which was attended by hundreds of members of our community. But no shouting, jeering or clapping this year, instead a silent crowd offered a much more powerful message to the deputies using that entrance to enter the States Chambers.

Integration of BBC Guernsey radio coverage at the outset of the video provided the perfect introduction to the short film which we produced in record time. We had another video commitment at 12 noon on the same day, so ingestion of the footage, editing and exporting of the production online to their social media channel had to be completed in little over 90 minutes. We are pleased to report that the video went live before 12 noon and is already doing the rounds online. From our standpoint the fast delivery of this powerful and emotive film had to be quick to ensure we kept up with the fast moving social story that is still to be concluded as the debate continues into tomorrow. The finished film we produced can be viewed below.


  • Sony A7III
  • Sony GM 16-35mm
  • Sony GM 24-70mm
  • Sony GM 100-40mm
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands