A video presentation that I provided for the Guernsey Education Department has illustrated a topic currently making the headlines. After it was made available and shared online on Tuesday 2nd February, it accumulated over 800 views within just 24 hours. The video presentation outlines their proposals for the future of secondary and post-16 education which is due to be debated by the States of Guernsey Assembly in March 2016.

This video serves to highlight the real benefit of having a video production suite at your fingertips. The script was finalised on the day of the audio recording, then the visuals were provided the same day with the final edit being supplied to the department the following morning. This type of production has enabled the Education Department to convey a single message to the media and has outlined what changes the parents can expect in the coming years in a format and medium that allows each of them to digest at a time that suits them. It currently features on the States of Guernsey YouTube channel alongside it featuring individually on their website and other social media channels.


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Sony Voice Tracer


  • Guernsey, England