Last week history was made as the long awaited Disability Discrimination Legislation was debated and passed unanimously by the States of Guernsey deliberation. It was a landmark day met with cheering and jubilation on the steps of the assembly the day it was passed. However it wasn’t all plain sailing as it took three days to reach a verdict. Hundreds of Equality supporters were present on the steps on the opening day of the debate where representatives from a plethora of community groups, charities and demonstrators joined in solidarity.

We caught up with a number of the campaigners, which formed part of an earlier few videos produced on behalf of the Guernsey Disability Alliance. However Friday’s news was what really caught the attention of the Guernsey public when our video premiered later that evening. To date the video has been viewed 18,000 times and we felt it benefitted greatly from the closing speech from Michelle Le Clerc, President of the Committee for Employment and Social Security. It was supplemented by the very words spoken in the States’ chamber which was book ended by the loud round of applause from the gallery who were glad to see the legislation proposals finally passed.

We have been supporters of the Guernsey Disability Alliance, their campaign groups and wide member base, since we first started working with them before the last States election in 2016. Take a look at the video which is doing the rounds on social media below.


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