The Guernsey Cheshire Home provides care and opportunity for people with physical disabilities to live, as close as possible, in a family atmosphere. They hosted their 2021 Summer fete on Sunday 18th July and we were recruited to provide video coverage of the event with a short social media promotional video that they could feature on Facebook. A short site visit, made in the middle of a heatwave, enabled us to obtain more than enough footage to create the social media short that now features online.

An interview with two representatives from the Home completed the short video and we have enough video footage already catalogued in our archive for us to use in their next video campaign, which is already in the pipeline. Incorporation of their branding was part of the service which, with the addition of a licensed music soundtrack, completed the short promotion. It is part of a scheme of work that has just begun looking to raise the profile of the Home. As Robert Shepherd highlighted in the video, it costs approximately £600,000 to run the Home every year.

We are pleased to report that the fete has already raised in excess of £2,500 for the Home and that amount continues to rise. Read more about their great work here in the community and their upcoming events by visiting their website.