It was a good few years since we last were involved in the organisation of the Specsavers Guernsey Youth Games, but last month we were invited by the headline sponsor of the Guernsey Sports Commission’s bi-annual initiative to film the event on their behalf. Did we jump at the opportunity to join their team and document one of their largest initiatives involving young people? Of course we did!

The Specsavers Guernsey Youth Games have been around for nearly 2 decades and have inspired many of our most talented sporting stars now featuring on the world stage. Youngsters from school Year 5 and 6 try a new sport that they haven’t played before. They take part in training over a six week period before representing their parish in a competition day and closing ceremony.

Whilst working at the Sports Commission a good few years ago now, our Director was involved in the promotion of the competition, and went to many of the island schools encouraging those nine, ten and eleven year olds to try out a new sport. We were invited to cover the competition day in mid June which took place at venues all over the island where 15+ different sports were being contested. Joining up with my old partner in crime, ‘the other Ollie’ we knew what we had to cover and also knew the little time we had to film on each location. With the competition taking place over 5 hours we gave ourselves about 15 minutes with each sport, not long at all!

Whilst on location we endeavoured to capture as much of the action on the pitch, court, water or table as possible. We were also keen to capture some of the subtle differences which makes this unique inter parish competition stand out. From the branded water bottles being sipped by many participants, the enjoyment on the children’s faces when taking part, the high fives between teams after Points had been scored to the great number of supporters who congratulated the players on court, all of which provided spectacular range of content to film on camera.

Take a look at our round up video which has been generating a bit of attention on social media since it was premiered.


  • Sony FS5
  • Sony GM24-70mm Lens
  • Sony GM100-400mm Lens
  • Sony FDR AX53
  • Vinten Flowtech 75 & Manfrotto 504HD Head
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands