From the season start being delayed, multiple match postponements, lost bags and ongoing travel delays, the last Guernsey FC season was fraught with hurdles to overcome, but this was compensated by many memorable moments on the pitch, behind the camera and in the production studio. The past two seasons were cancelled due to the pandemic, so the last 9 months, or what ended up being a season compressed into 6 months, was eagerly anticipated by us as well as the many supporters who were keen to cheer their Club on from the Garenne Stand at Footes Lane.

This year we were very excited for the season to begin as we were offered the opportunity to take the hosting of all live and post-produced content in house. This decision proved very successful as our knowledge and experience in producing live and post produced video content here in Guernsey resulted in 78 hours of live content being made available and over 7 hours of post produced highlights content featuring on the Club’s website. By On Screen Creations hosting all video content it has offered the football club greater opportunity for live coverage and analysis of the players’ performance, regardless of whether they were competing at home or off-island. The geoblocking of live broadcasts, password protecting of content and video indexing of key moments were just some of the new functionality made available this season for fans around the world and our video analysis team here in the Bailiwick.

We are proud to have successfully provided live and post production coverage for all home and away games played this season. Close to 5,000 viewers accessed our livestreams across 15 different countries, with the most viewed broadcast being our away game played against Binfield on 22nd February. We produced a range of post-produced content after each game and that included the production of a highlights package of each game. The highlights of games we have filmed and edited have obtained 10,000 views to date from 7,000 different viewers in 42 different countries.

Last weekend gave us the chance to reflect on our season’s achievements and the journey we have been on with the Club as they celebrated their season’s achievements at the end of season awards. We produced the event from an audio/visual point of view, co-ordinating the AV provision at the venue. We produced over 70 minutes of video content for attendees of the event, which was well received by those in the room, as well as the one remote winner who we were able to surprise and integrate within the event. We provided a video link where he could watch his award being announced, only then to surprise the audience by featuring him on screen, to hear his reaction to winning an award, before judging a football commentary competition. 

We were very proud to be invited to join Guernsey FC on their journey again this season and to be the official provider of all video content for the Club.  The successful hosting of all live and post produced content on our new Content Delivery Network has strengthened our position in the video production area of the market here in Guernsey and we can’t wait for next season to kick off!