In October we were tasked with capturing an interview with an internationally renowned artist for display at Guernsey Museum at Candie. That exhibition was part of two temporary exhibitions to display at the end of this year, and we were tasked with filming a conversation with the artist, however there was a problem, precisely 4,341 of them! That was the physical distance in miles between our island and Miami, where Anastasia Samoylova was in residence.

Did that distance faze us? Of course not as, with the equipment we have in our kitbag, alongside recent advances in technology, we were able to have a conversation with Anna like she was in the room with us. We conducted her in remote conversation with Jon-Christophe from the Guernsey Photography Festival in the theatre at Guernsey Museum at Candie.

A comprehensive suite of hardware was deployed to ensure Anna could see the presentation that she was remotely talking to, whilst JC and the audience present could hear and see her clearly. JC was fitted with a wireless lapel microphone so he could move around and speak freely both during the conversation as well as before it as he was delivering a guided tour of the exhibition. Wireless handheld microphones were also used within the venue to ensure the audience could ask questions that could be heard 4,341 miles away on the other side of the world.

Production of live video and the integration of remote guests as well as streaming of presentations internally within organisations is something that we have been tasked to do a lot more recently and next year we will have considerably more capacity to support you, so watch this space.


  • Sony FS5 & GM 16-35mm Lens
  • Sony Z90
  • Rode Wireless Go II
  • Sennheiser AVX microphone kit
  • Rodecaster Pro
  • We can’t tell you all of our trade secrets!


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands