We have done our bit for #LearningDisabilityWeek. Early Monday evening we didn’t even know we would be producing a video for the Guernsey Disability Alliance who were supporting the week long initiative aiming to empower those living with a learning disability. But cut forward 48 hours, they now not only had a video fit for purpose, but they had one that was ready to roll out early this morning across both of their social networks, Facebook included.

We utilised shots we already photographed in the first half of last year as part of the existing #AccessibleActivities awareness raising campaign. This #LearningDisabilityWeek campaign video focused specifically on the sports and physical activities that would support those living with a learning disability. The campaign last year aimed to raise awareness of the wide variety of sport sand physical activities on offer to those living with a disability in Guernsey. Not only that but we aimed to empower other clubs to make a few small changes by featuring some basic change cards which encouraged them to make a few small changes to ensure their club is accessible to everyone.

If you do one thing different today, take a moment to see what activities are available here in the Bailiwick. Knowledge of these may be beneficial to you or someone close to you sometime in the future. Read more about the existing Accessible Activities campaign by visiting their website here.


  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, England