The King of the Ring, or should we say King of the North, event took place last month, and it was an event we were very much looking forward to, and we were not disappointed. Being a regular at the ringside we knew the perfect spot to place our cameras to ensure they caught all the action. Only two cameras were used on the day, which included a fixed wide angle camera securely attached to the scaffolding, in addition to a handheld camera enabling us to get creative with those angles.

We captured all 12 fights and made them available to the brave fighters who made it into the ring at the new location of Northerners Football Club – as well as producing a short highlights video. A quick dip into our licensed music database enabled us to obtain the perfect soundtrack for the audience who enjoyed the highlights video which launched a few weeks ago and is available for you to view below.


  • Sony Z90
  • Sony A7III & GM 16-35mm
  • Rode Video Mic
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey,┬áChannel Islands