It is becoming something of a habit now, producing a video where we haven’t actually filmed any of the footage used in the final edit. The Education Department contacted us earlier this year, just before the island schools broke up for the summer holidays. They run a summer holiday course that provides children with an opportunity to ease the transition from primary school to secondary school by attending their new school. The week long course enables them to make new friends, learn their way around the new school premises and enhance their creativity through various arts and crafts activities.

Activities included a slip n’ slide in the school field, surfing at vazon, making music with a samba band, dancing, drama workshops and various athletic activities. We were provided with a plethora of videos and photographs of the activities which took place across 5 schools here in the Bailiwick that the teachers and pupils had shot themselves. We produced two videos for them, both of which have now been added to states of Guernsey YouTube channel.

If you have a photos or videos from an event you have organised and want a summary video to show to those who took part? You may need to recruit a sponsor for the next calendar year, what better way than to use a video, which in our opinion, offers the best method to sell a product, relay an emotion or promote an event. Message us by using our contact page by clicking here.


  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, England