We continue to provide an affordable podcasting recording solution for companies based here in Guernsey. Ahead of the ILS Insight event, organised by We Are Guernsey, we helped facilitate the recording of five guests located here in Guernsey and London. The podcast took place in one afternoon and, using the latest state of the art equipment we continue to deploy here in Guernsey, we connected five guests together so they could converse on their chosen topic for the 45 minute recording.

A dedicated podcasting setup was deployed at the recording space at Event Services, including 3 individual specialist podcast microphones for each of the speakers featuring locally. A dedicated recording portal was made available to the remote speakers which linked in with our hardware based here in Guernsey, to ensure the best possible sound reproduction possible. Each of the local speakers was given their own individual headphone feed to monitor the conversation between all guests as it unfolded. A dedicated recording clock was visible for local speakers which offered a colour customisation to provide a handy reminder when their chosen length of recording was being reached.

Our full podcast production service ensured that guests arrived to a podcast ready recording studio with the connection to remote guests taken care of. No additional post production work was required on the sound recording as it was mixed live and polished in post and supplied to the client. Within 24 hours of the recording of the podcast, the audio file was ready for upload onto their chosen podcast distribution platform.