Well that’s another one ticked off our bucket list! Who would have thought we would be back at Les Cotils for the third week running to livestream another event to the public. Who knew that we would be writing our names into the history books for live streaming the first ever public meeting for The States of Guernsey. As usual the broadcasting of the event live was a last minute thing, with us only booking the date in our diary a few days before the public meeting, but we were more than happy to oblige given our broadcasting equipment being readily available and our years’ worth of experience willing to be put to the test, again.

On the evening a multi-microphone set up was utilised to enable us to capture all of the questions from the floor, as well as the responses from the committee, in addition to the main presentation outlining the new proposals. At the time of writing, just 3 hours after the event had concluded,  the stream had already over 4,000 minutes viewed, 1,803 views, 482 reactions, 290 comments and 39 shares. During the stream we had 63 viewers tune in, and whilst it isn’t a groundbreaking number by any means, those 63 people may not have engaged previously and probably wouldn’t have attended the public meeting. It did prove that technology could benefit our electorate, as it ensured the meeting was accessible to a wider audience, and they were able to engage in real-time, as they were able to comment on the feed as the meeting progressed with their comments/questions being feedback to the presenters.

We think this could be the start of a trend – judging by the feedback following the ending of the stream after just 9pm, the raft of positive comments and words of encouragement from previous technophobes can only mean the future is bright for livestreaming. Who knows what we will livestream next?


  • Sony FS5 & SELP18200 Zoom Lens
  • Wirecast Broadcasting Platform
  • Manfrotto N8 Video Head
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Sennheiser AVX Lav & Mic kit
  • Blackmagic Thunderbolt Encoder


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands