You may recall earlier this year, working with the Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA), we profiled a wide range of Hidden Disabilities. We highlighted how islanders can do more to support those living with a disability that goes under the radar.

Recently, we were tasked with taking the footage already recorded and re-editing it to profile how those hidden disabilities are manifested in the workplace. The main emphasis was to profile those hidden disabilities and the mechanisms they or their company put in place to ensure as many of the additional needs were met as possible.

We profiled hidden disabilities that included macular degeneration, aspergers and hard of hearing. As you know the project team at We All Matter Eh?, the GDA’s campaigning arm, are highly driven and onto their next campaign.


  • Sony PXW-Z100
  • Rode NTG 4+
  • Manfrotto 546GBK Tripod & 504HD Head
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands