In May of 2015 Havelet Bay played host to a weekend’s worth of racing for the first time in history. I spent an afternoon filming & photographing the miniature nitro fuelled boats that were similar in appearance to their full sized counterparts. I enjoyed watching the small motor boats out on the open water, and the sun greeted me whilst out and about filming from the Horseshoe located a few metres north of the bathing pools.

The fast paced action lent itself to an equally fast paced backing track which was utilised throughout the short video promotion, helping to raise awareness for the Offshore Model Racing Association (OMRA) who organised the festival. The long zoom on my Sony PXW-Z100 enabled me to get right up close to the action to focus on the different classes of boats that were raced which ranged from 36-85 inches long and no more than 15 inches wide.


  • Sony PXW-Z100, Rode NTG 4+


  • Horseshoe, St. Peter Port, Guernsey