I have worked with a number of local garages on island, providing various services which have included social media marketing, photography and various video promotions. This was one particular event that stood out, not only because it offered me an opportunity to film in a beautiful scenic location out and about on the west coast, but was also one of the first social media promotions that I produced in 4K resolution.

The video was hosted on YouTube which was one of the only sharing platforms at the time to offer the storage and playback of 4K content. Now, whilst it hasn’t taken the world by storm yet, 4K video content can now be enjoyed on a plethora of different devices. With improvements in bandwidth worldwide and resolutions of computers, tablets and televisions improving month on month the quality, definition and clarity of the pictures you enjoy at home will only increase.

If you have sufficient bandwidth and a screen capable of viewing the new format, you can make full use of the new video format by clicking the YouTube button in the bottom right of both videos and then and select the premium resolution option drop down menu after clicking the small cog in the bottom corner.


  • Sony PXW-Z100


  • Vazon Bay, Castel