Over the past three months we have been working with a local charity to raise awareness of domestic abuse here in the Bailiwick. Safer provide support in a number of ways to those who are experiencing domestic abuse in the many different forms that it could take.

Work began back in June when the video concept idea was first outlined to me and from then a brief storyboard was created. We knew we had to protect the identity of those using Safer’s services currently so we would have to reach out to actors who would describe experiences of those who had received abuse in the bailiwick. Working with a local amateur dramatics company we were able to source actors who fitted our case studies perfectly. Dates were put in the diary, scripts were practised and a comprehensive schedule was drawn up for the one day of filming they had budgeted for.

Locations filmed on the day included well known Guernsey locations that included Candie Gardens, Les Cotils, Delancey Park, Sausmarez Park and La Valette Bathing Pools. What has been produced was not easy to watch whilst editing the film, as the actors did such a good job of portraying the real life stories that we were recreating. I was warned that some of the stories I may hear may haunt me, but that is the point of the video, to raise awareness that domestic abuse does happen here in Guernsey and we are not immune to it in anyway. The video premiered earlier today at The Farmhouse and is now available to view below.


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Sony PXW Z100
  • Rode NTG 4+
  • Rode Blimp


  • Guernsey, England