Earlier this week we streamed the most critical livestream for the Guernsey community being the latest media briefing on the progress of Coronavirus. The COVID-19 virus has now infiltrated our borders and is on home soil and as we prepare for an indefinite period of isolation, the local Government wanted to livestream their latest media briefing to the wider Guernsey community to help inform, dispel myths and confirm the current travel policy, and they turned to us in the knowledge that we could deliver.

This briefing relayed the latest information with regard to our local preparedness in relation to prevention of the spread of COVID-19. A dual camera setup, multiple subject microphones and on screen graphics were employed to ensure a clean, professional and consumable stream for the 2,369 individuals who watched it live. The stream, at the time of writing, had reached 26,308 Facebook accounts, which is close to half of the total number of residents living in the Bailiwick, so we have definitely met our initial brief of enabling their message to reach a wider audience.

Earlier this week we had witnessed a similar media briefing on the same subject topic that was streamed from a mobile phone held in a less than steady hand. That certainly gave us a good idea of the professionalism of their information sharing with their community and how it was received by those living in that constituancy. We employed no less than four network connections to deliver the livestream, and do so with every event we are employed to cover.

Network connectivity is a fundamental pillar upon which most technology is built today and no livestream would be without it. However some individuals, agencies and even Government organisations still rely on a single connection. We actively load balance our stream over multiple network connections for increased throughput and ultra reliable broadcast resilience wherever we are streaming from, which isn’t even questioned during these unprecedented times.

Regardless of your content delivery network of choice we offer a professional and cost effective method of reaching a wider audience via video-livestreaming. Watch the broadcast that we live-streamed below.


  • Sony FS5 & GM24-70mm
  • Sony PXW Z90
  • Vinten Flowtech 75 & Manfrotto 504HD Head
  • Manfrotto 055 + Nitrotech head
  • Roland Video Switcher
  • Small HD Monitors
  • Atomos Shogun 7
  • Apple Keynote
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands