Over the past month we have been working with our 25th client since we set up our video production and digital marketing business in December 2015. What better way to celebrate working with them, than to trial a new video production service – aerial imaging. It goes without saying that aerial shots, both videos and photography, have become commonplace in television adverts and digital marketing campaigns, and they can be seen more and more online on social media networks. Humans have always been looking for an aerial perspective on the areas they populate, and this was reinforced by a recent visit our Director took to the Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Most Slender Tower, which is located in Brighton. Standing 160 metres above sea level, the British Airways i360 allows members of the public to obtain an aerial view of the popular south coast tourist destination.

During the last decade, developments in technology have meant that companies’ marketing budgets to obtain aerial shots have shrunk from over five figures to much more modest amounts. 4K video and RAW images can now be taken by anyone willing to invest in one of the many drones on the market today. Lots of aerial images of Guernsey have popped up on local websites and social media pages over the past few months and we know they have been obtained illegally, without the relevant permissions, licenses and insurance. However, we can assure you that all our flights to date, and all our flights going forward will be conducted by a CAA pilot who is qualified and licensed to be in the air.

We were pleased to work alongside Guernsey’s Estate Agents, Cooper Brouard, who wanted to obtain aerial shots of a new property that they had on their books, for which they are the sole agent. What better way to showcase a unique property on the south coast, that is available exclusively with them, by providing an aerial video of the property to showcase the plot available to the potential owner. Not only did we provide them with aerial video of the exterior, but also aerial photographs to supplement their property details on their website. We then toured inside the property to obtain dynamic shots showcasing the living space available. Whilst we had to delay filming a few weeks for optimal flying conditions, I think you will agree it was well worth the wait.


  • Phantom 4 Quadcopter
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands