The Policy & Resources Committee of the States of Guernsey have been consulting for months on their new tax review, and required a digital mechanism to engage with an audience online, in the form of an online Q&A session. We were proud to have been asked to livestream their tax review briefing back in February, announcing their consultation plans over the coming months, and were equally pleased to be asked to host this online Q&A session, another first for the local Government. The Q&A session’s platform of choice was Facebook as it stimulated the Guernsey public to ask a range of tax related questions. We deployed a bespoke system which enabled a remote team to filter the questions received from the public, with another team member posing them to the panel, all whilst the livestream was being broadcast.

A two camera system was deployed, with each panellist being provided with an individual microphone to ensure the clearest audio reproduction possible. Six illustrative graphics depicting a number of tax illustrations were banked and ready to display at the single press of a button on the livestream. The full 1080p broadcast was bonded by our internet encoder and sent via four separate pipes, to ensure ultimate resiliency, to the Content Delivery Network of choice which, in this instance, was Facebook. The recording of the stream was uploaded to their YouTube channel for easy sharing and consumption post event, for anyone who couldn’t join the session live. You can watch the livestream below and if you require further information about the Tax Review it can be found on their website.


  • Sony FS5 & GM16-35mm Lens
  • Sony Z90
  • Satchler Flowtech Tripod & Manfrotto 504HD Head
  • Cloud Cueing System


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands