The Christmas Lottery has undergone a refresh this year, and so have the promotion and sales materials relating to the draw. We have been commissioned to support the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery draw for the past two years and this was the third year that we have been involved.  However, this year the promotional material we produced was slightly different to that of previous years.

This year we took the existing design work provided by a local agency and combined it with some of the existing video content we had shot, to produce some thought provoking social media shorts. It’s great to see the wide variety of beneficiaries continuing to increase year on year. Judging by the wide range of images we were able to include, the number of people benefitting from lottery funds is very far reaching. Over the past three years we have seen first hand the benefit this lottery money provides, so we were happy to offer our video production skills this year to help raise the awareness of the good causes to which the money raised by the draw is put.

Events like the Island Games, Guernsey Literary Festival and Liberation Day wouldn’t be able to take place in the same way as they do today without the support of the CI Lottery. So we are pleased we could do our bit to bring some very well deserved recognition to an institution that, this year, will raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for some very deserving causes.

Check out two of the videos we have produced for them, which premiered on social media earlier this week, below.


  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands