The Education Department made contact around two months ago as they were in need of a new video to help launch their new education curriculum due to launch in September of this year. We were honoured that they contacted us to edit the footage that the schools filmed themselves and that the finished project would be shown to thousands of people in a number of presentations and information sessions in the coming weeks.

From a total of 2 hours 20 minutes worth of footage being submitted, a long weekend provided enough time to cut it down to the required length of the music song. The song lyrics helped to structure the subject of the footage to a degree, and the natural progression of the song with verses and choruses informed the order of the clips that were utilised in the final edit. The emotion from the children on camera comes across strongly throughout the film, which we hope re-emphasises the joy they experience when being in an educational environment here in Guernsey. A bit of gunpowder, a few backflips, a dog balancing on two legs and thousands of children dancing together all help to make this video one to remember and is now available to view below.


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • iPhone 6S Plus


  • Guernsey, England