We do like a challenge! A few months back we were contacted by the President of Cystic Fibrosis Guernsey who were organising their first Supporters & Families Meeting here in Guernsey. They required our video production services as they not only wanted the presentation filmed but streamed live on their Facebook page. We filmed the keynote speech made by Dr Keith Brownlee, Director of Impact for the CF Trust, who addressed the 40 strong group of attendees who came together for the event, the first of its kind, which took place at Les Cotils.

A considerable amount of planning went into the first livestream that we have output to Facebook Live, which uses our existing broadcasting software that we use to stream Guernsey FC home and away games. We began by adding custom intro and outro screens with the necessary social media contact details for the registered charity to feature at the beginning and end of the stream. We also crafted some branded lower thirds, which included the names of those presenting on the evening, to illustrate to those watching online not present at the presentation. At the event itself, we used three wireless microphones to ensure we captured crystal clear audio from the presenters and used a new zoom lens we have in our armoury, in conjunction with our new Sony FS5, to slowly zoom in and out of the presentation whilst the new Manfrotto N8 video head ensured we got smooth pans throughout.

We successfully streamed their event to their Facebook page, and the beauty of Facebook Live is that immediately after the stream has ended it uploads the full stream to your page for everyone who likes your page to view. So without further ado, the video can be viewed below. If you have an idea for an event that you would like livestreamed, or think you could benefit from some of the other video production or digital marketing services we have to offer, get in touch by visiting our contact us page.


  • Sony FS5 & SELP18200 Zoom Lens
  • Wirecast Broadcasting Platform
  • Manfrotto N8 Video Head
  • Rode NTG4+ & Rodelink Kit
  • Sennheiser AVX Lav & Mic kit
  • Blackmagic Thunderbolt Encoder


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands