The team behind the Love Food Hate Waste campaign invited us to cover a Behind The Scenes (BTS) video of the photoshoot to complete all the photography required for their next campaign. Over the Christmas holidays it is expected that there will be an increase in the amount of waste, as well as recycling, that will be produced so they have come up with creative ideas on how to use those leftover food supplies from Christmas Day.

Whilst Tiffany worked her magic behind the camera we slipped into the background shooting a range of shots to help illustrate the time and effort that went into creating and perfecting each of the dishes showcased in the 12 month calendar. We supplemented the video footage we had of the preparations with a number of sound effects, the majority of which were recorded on location in the kitchen and plating up area in the local hotel used to host the two day long photoshoot.

We had our work cut out as we recorded footage over 4 hours, from two days with a range of chefs preparing a number of dishes which all looked amazing! The real challenge we faced appeared at the editing stage as we had to condense the footage into a one minute piece suitable for social media. The video is encouraging you to pick up one of the calendars, which are being offered to the Guernsey community for free by the way, so it is definately worth picking one up. 

Filming food isn’t something that we have had the pleasure of doing for a very long time, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t hesitate to accept should another opportunity present itself to sample some Michelin style dishes. Check out our BTS video below.


  • Sony A7iii & GM 16-35mm & 24-70 lens
  • Sachtler Flowtech & Manfrotto 504hd head
  • Manfrotto slider
  • Sennheiser AVX microphone kit
  • Final Cut Pro X


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands