The We All Matter Eh! (WAME) Accessible Activities campaign was an excellent opportunity to celebrate World Access Day on Friday 10th March, as we met, interviewed and filmed lots of participants taking part in a variety of accessible leisure pursuits here in Guernsey. We were asked to provide video coverage of the various activities, whilst providing digital marketing support in the form of delivering a social media campaign to complement the week long build up to World Access Day and the launch of the various media. Coupled with that, we will be providing a comprehensive marketing report, after the week has finished, outlining how many islanders were reached via the different platforms and many engaged with our content.

Whilst filming the campaign on behalf of the Guernsey Disability Alliance we have been truly humbled by some of the people we have met on this 3 month journey, it’s about time their inspirational stories are told! We have met some real role models, and whether our campaign just encourages someone who perhaps is a bit reluctant to pick up the phone or walk through the door of a sports club to just make contact with the club, or whether it inspires them to follow in the footsteps of some of the adrenaline junkies we have met along our journey, and soar into the air in a wheelchair, then we have succeeded!

The campaign we have been working on is centred around a website where you can access all the information relevant to all 22 accessible leisure pursuits we are currently aware of in Guernsey, no doubt this will quickly increase as more clubs want to sign up. The dedicated section of the WAME site holds contact details to the clubs or individuals offering the sessions, photographs of the clubs in action, tips for clubs that want to become more accessible and ways in which you can support/sponsor the various #AccessibleActivities that, until now, have gone under the radar.

You can check out the compilation video that we produced for the campaign below, which premiered on Friday 10th March 2017 to celebrate World Access Day. To read more about the campaign in full, please take 10 minutes to check out their website, and to view the other video content that we provided for them, click here:


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