It has become increasingly easy to watch, stream and consume media in this ever increasing digital age and over the past few weeks we have been fully immersed in it. Since the start of the month we have streamed over 450 minutes of football matches from fairly unaccessible locations in both Guernsey and across the water in the UK.

Yesterday was no different in that we were invited to livestream another event, pushing our minutes streamed this month to date over 500. This event was a more formal affair, in that it was hosted indoors in the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts and was a public meeting organised by the States of Guernsey. The event focused on the Referendum on Guernsey’s Electoral System and was aimed at campaign groups.

We worked together to enable the public to attend the meeting online via their Facebook page. Using the experience we have in live streaming we were able to provide a consistent stream of video to their Facebook page for the event, lasting just over 1 hour 10 minutes. Over the last 2 years we have streamlined the technology we have used to livestream video footage online and have now perfected the system to be as reliable as possible, cost effective for the client and consistently great quality.

The beauty of Livestreams on Facebook is that the analytics provided afterwards makes it a really efficient way of managing the effectiveness of the public meeting, the number of viewers that tuned in, number of shares the event obtained and how many different users the event reached online to name but a few. In terms of audience engagement it provides one of the most interactive platforms available on the market to date. All users are instantly notified of any comments that are posted on the video, naturally offering up a great platform for debates. That was one of the reasons the Government chose that platform to distribute our video footage LIVE from the venue as it happened. A dedicated sound crew ensured the audience at home were not only able to hear the presentation made by those on stage, but were also able hear the questions asked by the audience in the venue as well as panel providing their response.

If you have an idea for an event, want a recording of it, or maybe you want to reach a wider audience? We have a number of cost effective methods to enable you to increase the exposure of your company, brand or the cause you maybe promoting. Use our contact us page to obtain a quote today. 


  • Sony FS5 & SELP18200 Zoom Lens
  • Manfrotto 546GBK Tripod & 504HD Head
  • Livestreaming Encoder


  • Guernsey, England