We can’t believe we are reflecting on 2022 already.  Where have the last 12 months gone? It is always enjoyable reflecting on the range of organisations and charities we have worked with and the production of our annual showreel video was a tricky task with so much footage of our year that we wanted to include.

We successfully livestreamed 53 events across a range of sectors both in Guernsey and the UK during 2022. We livestreamed events lasting 6,074 minutes, topping last years figure of 5,181 minutes of video coverage hosted online.

Events we livestreamed this year included many presentations, the Queen’s Jubilee Platinum Beacon ceremony, a selection of Liberation Day events as well as multiple football matches on behalf of Guernsey FC played at home and away.

This year we extended our live video production to the delivery of online webinars. One of our clients this year was able to benefit from our hardware permitting the mixing of multiple camera angles and microphone sources in addition to the incorporation of graphics and presentation slides into the broadcast, which was disseminated internally within their organisation.

We continue to support Guernsey FC as they pursue their non-league journey in the Pitching In Isthmian South Central Division. We continue to film and livestream their  home and away games mixing multiple video camera angles, integrating live commentary, cueing instant video replays, displaying scoreboards and new pre-show content which was introduced this year. All match day content continues to be hosted by On Screen Creations and offers fans the opportunity for the best possible coverage online. In April this year we celebrated the end of season with them and produced a season review.  At this year’s event the hardware we deployed permitted a UK based commentator to join and speak to our audience via a remote connection. We took care of all the audio and visual requirements at the event on behalf of the club so they could relax and enjoy a well deserved rest after their crazy stop-start 9 month journey.

Footage we have shot this year has been used by individuals and organisations all over the world including BBC World News, ITV Channel Television, BBC Channel Island News and, more recently, footage of an interview we shot with a professor living here in Guernsey was supplied to a film director based in the USA who was producing a documentary.

Other notable video productions this year include delivering a recruitment video campaign for the College of Further Education aiming to attract off island teachers, filming this year’s King of the Ring event and being invited back to cover our ninth Guernsey Community Awards. 

In April this year we delivered the first online Q&A session on behalf of the States of Guernsey by deploying a bespoke communication system linking the panel with the team asking questions on behalf of the public from a different location.

In May this year we were pleased to see our suite of edited videos played to an invited audience at St. Pierre Park for the Guernsey Table Tennis Association’s 100th anniversary. We worked very closely with the organisers in provisioning the audio and visual hardware for the event. 

In September this year we were present outside the States Assembly as a large silent protest was held and subsequently were pleased to see the passing of the Disability Discrimination Legislation.  In Q4 of this year we delivered a couple of videos for the Guernsey Photography Festival. In November we deployed hardware which enabled the recording of an close conversation between an American photographer living in Miami with a select audience in Guernsey.

As we celebrate our 7th year in business, On Screen Creations are pleased to announce that from the beginning of 2023 we will be operating on a full time basis. Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your video production and digital marketing requirements. 

2023, we are ready for you!