What a year it has been, not just for our little island here in the Channel Islands, but for everyone in the whole world. I don’t think anybody could have predicted the way the world would have been impacted by COVID-19. This included the prevention of the production of many Hollywood blockbuster movies and national TV series, as well as the production of video campaigns here in the Channel Islands. However, here in Guernsey we have kept an eye on neighbouring jurisdictions and are constantly reminded by the tighter restrictions being introduced elsewhere that we have been truly blessed with the way the pandemic has been handled by our local Government. After all, we would know, as we have been working alongside them throughout the pandemic as we were contracted to produce live coverage of their regular media briefings, but more on that later.

This year we were pleased to continue to work with a number of existing clients with whom we have developed relationships over the past 4 years. However, we are very pleased to considerably increase the number of clients we are now working with. We have been busy with a range of projects over the past 12 months, but if we were pushed for a few projects that stood out we would highlight the following:

  • Produced the official video content to celebrate virtual Guernsey Liberation Day 2020
  • Enabled a family located in South Africa watch their son get married here in Guernsey via a video livestream
  • Appointed as the video producer to provide official coverage of the only Pride celebration in Europe to take place this year
  • Livestreamed the first States of Guernsey budget announcement
  • Produced the official video coverage of the Guernsey Air Display 2020, one of the only public Air Displays to take place this year in the world
  • Worked alongside the Guernsey Community Foundation to deliver a series of videos to profile their Grants Programme and previous Community Award Winners
  • Produced and successfully livestreamed 35 States of Guernsey COVID-19 Media Briefings

This year has enabled us to take stock of what matters most, and we have been able to increase the delivery, functionality and capacity of the livestreams which we continue to be delivering on a very regular basis. We continue to stay up to date and at the forefront of developments in video production techniques and in the past 12 months have increased the accessibility of live and post-produced video content through closed captions on multiple video production & social media platforms.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Bailiwick in March this year, we have been working on the front line in charge of producing and ensuring the media briefings, organised by the States of Guernsey, are captured on camera and are broadcast live online to reach as wide an audience as possible. We were pleased to have put significant time and effort into helping to stage the first briefing that was officially live-streamed in March, with the same format, style and production technique continuing to be employed to this day. Our 100% track record has ensured the Government message has been, and continues to be, clearly relayed to the Guernsey public. The way in which our island has coped with the pandemic hasn’t gone unnoticed and that has contributed to our livestreams being accessed all over the world. To date these COVID-19 livestreams have been watched live by over 220,000 concurrent viewers, which, given the scale and importance of the content delivery, is easily the highlight of 2020 for us.

We hope that 2021 returns a little more normality, as Q2 was a little quieter than normal in 2020, with the majority of our scheduled contracted jobs for a whole year squeezed into a mere 6 months. We do hope that the Guernsey FC season is able to resume soon as we are missing our regular away trips with the team. Podcasting seems to be a buzz word this December, with a number of clients looking to produce this format of content for their intended delivery platforms in the New Year. Developments in the camera technology and the broadcast industry continues to stimulate us to stay up to date with the latest in camera tech. So, as ever, we have our ‘wish-list’ of purchases mapped out for the next 12 months, so we can continue to offer our clients the greatest cost-effective video production, livestreaming, photography and digital marketing services here in the Bailiwick over the next year.

Best wishes for the New Year, hoping you all had a very Happy Christmas.

See you in 2021!

Olly Tracey

On Screen Creations