Friday’s media briefing marked the 10th virtual briefing that we successfully live-streamed on behalf of the States of Guernsey and the 50th in the series of COVID-19 briefings that we began streaming back in March 2020. After receiving an early phone call on Saturday 23rd January requesting an emergency livestream, with the news later being shared on social media, anticipation grew amongst the community, as everyone was eager to hear what was going to be announced. Our Director began packing his kitbags with the trusted and reliable equipment he had used ever since the early livestreams in March last year. What he didn’t know was that this livestream would turn out to be the second most important livestream he had delivered in his career, the first being the initial lockdown in Guernsey which was announced in March 2020. The importance of having established a successful and reliable workflow became apparent after over 14,000 concurrent viewers were able to successfully tune into the livestream and were able to obtain the critical information being relayed by the panelists.

More recently, after a number of key individuals were forced into isolation, including ourselves for a short while, these media briefings were not able to take place in person. The Civil Contingency Authority still wanted to relay mission critical information to the public as we were still in lockdown, so the move was made to virtual briefings. We stepped up and provided the additional hardware necessary to be able to deliver these briefings on behalf of the Government from the comfort of our home studio. To date 10 virtual briefings have now been successfully delivered, averaging 9,760 concurrent viewers to each of them with a total of 97,600 concurrent viewers over those ten virtual briefings. To date we have reached over a third of a million viewers with the streams we have been delivering, with the number current of viewers topping 370,000.

The simplicity of our production studio equipment, efficiency of our delivery workflow and experience to date has ensured that all fifty broadcasts have reached the intended broadcast platform, or as it is called in the industry ‘content delivery network’ or CDN. We continue to develop, invest and implement new production techniques, as this broadcast sector continues to evolve. Whilst this second wave isn’t quite over just yet, you can be sure that, when there is positive news to share, the chances are that the broadcast you watch will have originated from our livestream equipment and have been produced by us.


  • Roland Video Switcher
  • Atomos Shogun 7
  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple Keynote


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands