Video Production

Video remains one of the most influential and effective communication tools available. What was once an expensive, time consuming and labour intensive process, has been simplified over the last few years, enabling you now to incorporate video production into your existing marketing budget whilst still effectively communicating a message to your target audience.

Would you like a short video production to put on your social media channel? Or would you like to promote your organisation through a video? We’re here to help! We have a full suite of hardware to service any video requirements you may have. If you have an idea for a video we would love to hear from you. Check out our showreel page of examples of our work to date.

Video Livestreaming

We have been broadcasting live sporting fixtures and events here in Guernsey and the UK for the last four years. We have the broadcast technology, production tools and experience to be able to stream your event to your audience on whatever platform you choose from wherever they are watching in the world.

From small presentations to 90 minute football matches we have the broadcast equipment to meet your requirements. With the addition of multiple wired and wireless cameras, lower third on screen visuals, inclusion of your branding throughout and the ability to stream to multiple broadcast platforms, we provide a cost effective option for anyone interested in livestreaming.

We offer a reliable streaming solution by bonding bonding multiple network connections together. We actively load balance for increased throughput and ultra reliable broadcast resiliency, which can become increasingly important during times of network congestion or when broadcasting in the remotest of locations. We take care of all the technical requirements so you can focus on your event, safe in the knowledge your audience online will be watching. Our sole Director of Photography offers the ‘best in class’ live-streaming service that ensures livestreaming is accessible to the smallest of organisations.

Podcast Production

The podcast industry is growing fast and to ensure you can benefit from the greatest technological advancements we are pleased to be offering you an all in one podcasting solution. Using the latest hardware we offer professional sound recording via the world’s first fully integrated portable podcast production studio. Record up to four guests in person and benefit from the option to bring in guests remotely either online, voice over IP or via cellular. Integrate sound effects and pre-recorded introductions and outros into your podcast, which can either be recorded live or added to a bigger project and mixed in post.

Should you fancy recording the podcast yourself, the all in one podcasting solution is available for hire. The kit boasts plug and play functionality and all you require is a suitable room to record in and a desk to mount the gear necessary to complete the recording. All the podcast recording hardware, dedicated podcast microphones and audio cables alongside desk mounts are supplied in an easily transportable hard travel case.

Digital Marketing

Social networks serve as a great platform to promote your organisation, whether you are selling a product, promoting a cause or changing people’s perceptions on a particular topic. With extensive experience in all of the popular networks, as well as some less well known platforms, we aim to maximise your posts’ visibility to your target audience.

With knowledge of digital marketing trends worldwide, we are always on the look out to find the most influential way to extend the reach of our audience. Nobody knows your audience and product better than you, and by working with us you can obtain a fuller understanding of each digital network. After your consultation with us you will be able to maximise the visibility of your posts online whether that be on a day to day basis, in the lead up to a specific event or driving a bespoke marketing campaign.

Social Media Management

Are you working to deliver a specific marketing campaign or aiming to raise awareness of a specific cause or event? We can assist you in scheduling your campaign to appear across various platforms, enabling you to reach as wide an audience as possible.

With years of experience working to deliver content for organisations within the private, public and charitable sectors, we know what content resonates best with the public. Whether it is devising the content, boosting posts online, utilising hashtags to measure the virality of your campaign, tagging subjects in your photos or optimising videos for use online, we are here to help.

We also provide comprehensive reporting that takes all the hard work out of analysing the success of your campaign. Whether weekly or monthly reports are required, we can provide you with statistics and recommendations on how you can change your social media channels for the better.

Website Analysis, Reporting & Monitoring

Struggling to understand how visitors navigate your website? We take the time to analyse your viewers’ online activity on your site, so you don’t have to. We produce easy to understand reports, from the date range you give us, which covers all the angles of your website that matter. We provide digestible information, through a mixture of written analysis, tabular data and graphs which allows you to understand how your audience act online.

The information provided in the report does away with the typical jargon and hard to understand percentages you normally see. We provide the information in plain English, allowing you to understand how you can modify your website to streamline your audiences’ experience online. We know the significance of a low bounce rate, determining what your most visited landing page is and the significance of acquiring your audience organically. Get in touch if you want to understand how visitors to your website behave.

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