About our Director

My name is Olly Tracey, a Guernsey-born self-taught creative who is the Director of On Screen Creations, a video production and digital marketing company.

After graduating from the University of Chichester with a First Class Honours degree I worked for the Guernsey Sports Commission for three and a half years promoting the variety of sporting opportunities available here in Guernsey. Whilst fulfilling the role of the Creative, Marketing & Administration Officer, I learnt the value of the charitable sector to our community here in Guernsey.

Whilst working for the charity I obtained the necessary marketing tools to reach a worldwide audience with little or no budget. The use of video as a promotional tool came about after promoting the various sporting events that took place locally. Not only did it serve as a great way to reach our target audience but it helped to stimulate the profile of the charity and ignited a desire to pursue video production full time.

In December 2015, I launched On Screen Creations, with a view to providing a unique Video Production Service and Digital Marketing Suite of services. That year I joined Guernsey FC as their GFCTV Producer and was solely responsible for the production of all video content for the club till the end of their 2022/2023 season.

Whilst working with the club I was proud to re-establish the live broadcasting of their home and away games after developing a bespoke portable broadcasting system and hosting it on a custom content delivery network. The system integrated multi camera angles of the pitch, slow motion graphics, scoreboard and time clock alongside pre-roll video including sponsors adverts.

To diversify my marketing and event organising skills I joined the States of Guernsey in 2015 as a Marketing & Events Officer, and fulfilled the role for 7 years. Here I promoted & marketed the wide range of leisure activities offered at Beau Séjour Leisure Centre whilst supporting the cultural activities and events organised by Guernsey Museums.

In January 2023 I took the decision to run the business full time to meet the increased demand for my services. The services I offer at present include photography, podcasting, digital marketing services in addition to the video production services I originally established the business to provide. My specialism at the time of launching my services full time is in live video production environments, specifically the broadcasting of multi-camera livestreams & hosting of webinars and the hosting of online video content.