Wednesday 22nd March 2023

The headquarters have been dusted, radio equipment polished and doors have been unlocked to The German Naval Signals HQ, which is now open for another season. All the important radio signals traffic for the German Forces in the Channel Islands was handled there, and Guernsey Museums and Channel Islands Occupation Society have done a great job restoring and maintaining the headquarters, located near La Collinette Hotel.

We were approached two weeks ago by one of the Museum curators who required their existing information video to be digitised, so turned to us for video production support. We turned the video around over a weekend and increased the accessibility of the video, which had already been produced, by adding on screen subtitles. The video was supplied in 4:3 aspect ratio and 25p, but that didn’t pose a problem for us as our video studio equipment can work with most video formats.

If you have a spare hour over the next few months, explore the restored bunker before it closes again at the end of the tourist season – 29th October 2023 – remember that it opens daily from 10.30am – 3pm. Be sure to check out the video we helped digitise in the ‘Transmitter Room’. The video repeats throughout the opening hours of the communications HQ so you won’t miss it, and we would highly recommend a visit for anyone with an interest in technology or history of the Second World War in particular.

Naval Signals