Thursday 2nd February 2023

Our Director Olly Tracey is very open about his positive years in education and that includes the five great years he spent at St Sampsons School all those years ago. He had re-visited the school a few times since leaving in 2006 but this was the first time he had visited the school to support them directly in a video production capacity. He spotted a Facebook post in early December requesting video production support in capturing their school Christmas production of Elf.

He reached out immediately and offered his video production services, citing his previous experience filming many other school performances and performing arts concerts. A pre-concert site visit enabled the cameras to be located in the right positions to capture all of the scenes on stage, as well as the deployment of microphones around the room and connections to their sound desk, which ensured the individual sound feeds from head mics worn by performers on stage.

The multi camera edit was turned around promptly and, when editing the footage, it immediately became clear how talented these youngsters are and how positive their futures look wherever their careers take them. The finished video is now in the hands of the school and they can sit back and enjoy their production and give themselves a pat on the back for what can be considered a job well done!

Elf Collage