We pride ourselves on a great track record, not only in the performance and quality of our live broadcasts we have delivered over the years, but also the positive relationships we maintain with our clients. We always look to go the extra mile to ensure our clients needs are met and this applies to whether it is a short social media campaign or longer standing video service commitment over a few weeks/ months.

This benefitted us recently as an American film director reached out who was looking to film an interview with Kevin Bales, a Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the University of Nottingham. There was only one slight problem, Zak, the Director, was living in America at the time. The quality of video conferencing platforms has improved significantly post-pandemic, however nothing is a match for the quality of footage recorded in camera/ external recorder and the documentary he was producing required the best quality footage possible.

We were required to film footage on a single camera to match the existing footage already obtained and integrated into this feature length documentary. So a flat picture profile was opted for, leaving lots of headroom for colour grading in his edit. High quality audio was required, so a 32bit float recording was obtained from the subject whilst on location and supplied as a .wav file alongside the HD video files to the client. The footage was uploaded overnight and a download link provided to the film director for him to save a local copy to his computer located on the other side of the world. A few behind the scenes images of the interview can be viewed below.

Kevin Collage