Tuesday 11th May

Last weekend our director had the honour of being invited to support one of his oldest friends as his best man at his marriage to his life-long soulmate. In the lead up to the big day he highlighted that he had a number of friends and family located across the world who were unable to attend the ceremony, and wondered whether we had any solution to ensure that his family could watch the wedding ceremony. We were happy to help and arranged to broadcast their ceremony live online.

A three camera setup was deployed at the wedding venue. A remote wireless camera was used alongside two additional cameras at our broadcast station ensuring every element of the wedding was captured. A variety of microphones were placed in the venue to offer the best possible coverage to the online audience and a number of licensed music soundtracks were dubbed over the music used at the live ceremony, for those watching online, to ensure all online music policies were adhered to.

Organising the groom’s stag do, toasting his wedding before the ceremony and sharing some untold stories in the best man’s speech was all part of the best man service, however there was no greater honour than being entrusted with the livestreaming of the ceremony, enabling his family to join the service from the other side of the world.