Tuesday 10th November

We have been working alongside the Guernsey Disability Alliance (GDA) recently to campaign for the improvement of customer service for disabled people, which culminated in a day of celebrations held last Tuesday entitled ‘Purple Tuesday’.

The day, which is recognised nationally, aims to instill a change programme across the board with the ultimate aim of benefitting disabled people. We have been a keen supporter of the work of the GDA and they were one of our first and longest serving clients, for which we are very thankful. The accessibility of digital media has changed considerably in the short time we have been working with them, and the way in which live video is transcribed alongside the post production closed captions, offering the viewers toggle on and off functionality, has changed the way video is consumed by viewers worldwide.

In the lead up to #PurpleTuesday we helped run a social media campaign to provide businesses and organisations with commitment ideas for them to better support individuals with additional access requirements. This included formalising ‘quiet hours’, completing an online accessibility audit, completing a site access audit, learning basic sign language and offering training and awareness raising activities for employees.

On the day itself warm croissants and fresh fruit greeted us at the Digital Greenhouse which was the stage for the local #PurpleTuesday workshop event. During the event we shot live photographs and posted them directly onto the We All Matter Eh? social media pages. This offered immediate engagement from their audience who were able to see how the event was unfolding, who was presenting and where they could obtain additional information if they weren’t able to attend in person. That morning we also received an endorsement from the CEO of Purple and the brains behind #PurpleTuesday, Mike Adams OBE, who shared some of the content we posted on social media that morning. To top it off they included our celebratory group shot in their official promotional video from the day – job done!

Purple Tuesday