Monday 23rd November 2020

Walking Football is one of the more recent sports to be introduced to Guernsey, and earlier today they firmly entered their name into the history books as their first website went live. We are proud to have been tasked with working on behalf of the Club to source a supplier to design and build a new site fit for the Club and where they aim to be in the years to come.

We have been a keen supporter of the Club since it was founded, and to this day we continue to populate their social media channels and informally serve as their brand manager. More specifically for some of their events we have provided video production services, photographic support and in some instances delivering livestreams of some of their more high profile match encounters against visiting off island teams.

The website development began back in the summer after we completed an audit of everything the Club required within their site. We then sourced a suitable supplier who had the necessary skills to deploy a framework that we could populate and add all the existing imagery we had shot over the past few years. Cut to the present day, and we have a platform that not only serves as a great promotional tool for locals interested in the game, but a signpost for off island teams. The Club has received significant interest already after they played their first England International game last year and no doubt this will continue to increase should they get to play in the previously postponed World Cup due to be held in Manchester.

The fully mobile responsive site is now available to view here. Thanks to the hard work by Alex and his team at Submarine the Club have a site that they can be proud of. Interested in trying the sport? Check out their ‘pay and play’ section which outlines the times that you can get involved.