Monday 27th April

As you are aware we are living in unprecedented times as COVID-19 has swept across the island. Most of our scheduled work has been postponed due to current circumstances.

However, we have been able to continue with the live-streaming of the Guernsey COVID-19 media briefings. We highlighted the first media briefing in our showreel post a month ago. Then and now we actively load balance our feed over multiple network connections to ensure error free transmission to the end user.

Whether we are filming a football match in the UK, or a seminar in Guernsey our clients are after one thing, reliability. We don’t rely on a single network connection during our transmissions. We use hardware that enables us to share the bandwidth of multiple network connections, in the knowledge that the failure of a single video frame not reaching the target audience would not be acceptable.

Over the past six weeks we have covered 15 COVID-19 media briefings with the total number of concurrent viewers totalling 113,545. The briefing obtaining the highest engagement rate was broadcast on the evening of Tuesday 24th March, the eve of Guernsey’s lockdown, which reached 15,889 concurrent viewers.

We take a break from the next media briefing as we prepare content for our Island’s annual Liberation Day celebrations.