Friday 2nd August

This season we are pleased, once again, to be delivering GFCTV on behalf of Guernsey Football Club. It was only back in April that the Green Lions fought valiantly till the final whistle of the season to remain in this league. This season sees a new sponsor, Betvictor, support the league, it will also see the return of some of our regular players, some old faces making a reapperance as well as a few up and coming debutants who will be resting a Green Lions’ jersey on their shoulders for the first time.

Last season we streamlined our offering to football supporters here in Guernsey as well as the supporters located all around the world. We delivered multi camera livestreams from some of the remotest locations in the UK and successfully broadcast every game in the season. For all you statisticians out there, we live streamed over 174,000 seconds of Football to for supporters to watch. Since April we have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with a single man crew. Supporters of the Green Lions will be treated to slicker streaming of the games the Club plays as all video content on will now be available in 50fps. In addition to this, we have installed an additional piece of hardware into our setup that will enable us to offer live instant replays during the livestreams, something which is already offered within the highlights of each game. The branding of all GFCTV content to feature online has also been upgraded to reflect the slick professional operation of the club itself.

When it comes to livestreaming the resilience of the stream itself is of paramount importance, as our supporters expect to watch the full 90 minutes without any drop outs. We maintain that, regardless of what you are broadcasting, it is crucial that you maintain a solid uplink to your chosen Content Delivery Network (CDN) if you are serious about maintaining your paid subscribers online and maintaining it as a viable business opportunity. This year we have upgraded our bonded uplink solution to increase the number of active network connections we can load balance across from four (which is what we benefitted from last season) to six. So whilst a drop in the upload of data to the Club’s CDN was minimal last season (0.003%), the bonding of these extra two networks, will mean a complete drop out is near enough impossible for the season ahead.

Nic Legg, Media Director at Guernsey FC said “We are delighted that our partnership continues. On Screen Creations have invested in improving the GFCTV product and ensuring consistency of delivery. We look forward to Olly joining us on our journey this season to ensure our fans stay connected and we capture some magic moments”.

Subscribers will be able to access livestreams of all games we play this season plus the full 90 minutes for the next 7 days thereafter (or till the Club plays its next league game). Highlights will be available for every game played and you can be sure to catch the best goals in our monthly Goal of the Month competition, which will be retuning, in addition to the ‘Moment of the match’ feature which will showcase the best bits on social media.