Friday 12th July

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the guys at Business Eye CI to offer a competitive number of exclusive video production packages to their clients here in the Channel Islands. We look forward to working with a new range of clients from what could be some new industry sectors for us. We have worked with Julie for a few years now, as we have provided video coverage for The Sure Customer Service Awards and all the video nomination videos for the Guernsey Property and Construction Awards. More recently we have provided video content for Business Eye CI and the more recently launched Travel Eye CI. We aim to primarily be providing social media shorts for Facebook & Twitter but can customise a package to suit.

From a simple message to camera, to recording something more comprehensive we are here to help. We have recently added a number of pieces of equipment to our kit bag that will enable us to offer their clients faster completion on location after deployment. One of the most recent additions to our armoury is that of a teleprompter, more commonly seen in news reading and professional corporate and business pitches and presentations. Without revealing too much of the magic, no longer will clients have to remember pages upon pages of script but can repeat their pre-written script, word for word, carrying the emotion, passion and enthusiasm at a pace and speed that suits them whilst talking directly to their audience.

From multiple camera shoots utilising the latest wireless microphone technology to slider shots or gimbal work outdoors, we assure you we have the latest essential gear, necessary skills and proven track record to be able to meet your video production requirements. Incorporation of your business colours and brand assets comes as standard and, with the fast accelerating growth of online video featuring on social media platforms, we hold the vehicle to increase the exposure of your brand, cause or product.

Don’t just take it from us, hear from the variety of other companies, charities and organisation we have been involved with by reviewing our Showreel. Take a moment to view the testimonials from others in your position who hired us to produce their video production.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch to see how we can help.