Monday 13th May

It isn’t every day that you get invited along to film four esteemed musicians performance in a one off concert at Town Church. We were invited along to cover the concert which was on offer to the public for free thanks to the support from Carey Olsen and Dorey Financial Modelling. We used a combination of cameras and microphones to ensure the best possible coverage for the client. We offered them a 4K solution to ensure the best possible video resolution of the Guernsey Premiere of Oliver Messiaen’s Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps (Quartet for the End of Time).

Whilst on location and the video cameras were in situ on tripods we were able to snap some stills of the concert, ensuring the focus was on the four performers whilst showcasing the size of the audience who had snapped up the opportunity to attend this free concert. The video was filmed to enable those who couldn’t make it on the evening to enjoy the sounds broadcast in the town church just 2 days after our Liberation Day.

Take a look at the photos we shot below.