Monday 15th October

We were invited along to photograph the Rangers 125th Celebrations at the Peninsula Hotel last weekend. Guests were invited to celebrate along with the Committee, and newly appointed President, who put on a great event for current players as well as some of their retirees. Whilst we were only on site for a little over an hour, we think we did a good job capturing a flavour of the event in the featured slideshow.

We will be working with the Club again this coming weekend to capture the re-enactment of a 125-year-old football match that will begin with a match ball being parachuted in at King George V Playing Fields. The team they will be facing are from the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, also known as The Tigers. The two day event begins on Saturday with the visitors being welcomed to our most famous medieval castle.

The Regiment are being given the honour of firing the noonday gun at Castle Cornet on Saturday which we will be sure to capture from every angle. Stay tuned to our social media channels over the weekend to see what we get up to. Check us out on Facebook & Twitter.

Rangers Collage