Sunday 2nd September

People have been speaking about the wonder-goal Charlton Gauvain flew in from the halfway line against Ramsgate FC since it was struck yesterday afternoon. Since we filmed that very moment and it was uploaded online, 19,200 views have been accumulated online. It really was a moment to remember for the 17 year old who had been looking to catch out the goalkeeper since kick off at 2pm, and in the first half tried the exact move but was unsuccessful.

It reminds us how much of a community club Guernsey FC really are, when you see the pouring in of comments from local supporters and off-island fans eager to congratulate the up and coming star, still only 17 years of age. We were glad we were there to capture the action and to share it online with our fans all around the world, and even better we were also there to livestream it so fans could live it in realtime via our website.

Haven’t seen it yet? Look no further!